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About Us
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Started in the year 2007, Pune E-Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd. (PESB Pvt. Ltd.) is a corporate broking house that strives to assist clients in realizing their investment goals, through the use of latest technology, in-depth market research and state-of-the art analytical systems.

Our dedicated team of experts works in tandem with a client’s needs, requirements and aspirations and clubs these with extensive market research to be able to provide strong recommendations and suggestions for creating an investment portfolio.

We understand that the needs of every client differ, and so, our research includes both modern as well as traditional investment strategies that will bring about assured gains to the client.
  The Promoters
Mr. Vrajesh K Shah
With an experience of more than 25 yrs in the Capital Market, it is his vision that has laid the foundation of the company and continues to guide it towards the right working methods, necessary to develop a good experience for our clients.
Mr. Vrajesh N Shah
With over 25 years of experience in the capital market, Mr. Vrajesh N Shah has made use of his expertise to propel the company towards achieving greater heights and developing the right investment strategies based on vigorous market research and analysis of market trends.
Mr. DevendraGhodnadikar
Backed by an experience of more than 25 years in the Commodities market, Mr. DevendraGhodnadikar plays a key role in maintaining the company’s approach towards providing all-round services that will benefit our clients and fulfill all their investment needs.
  The Directors
Mr. Jatin Gandhi
A Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr. Jatin Gandhi makes use of his 10 years of experience in the Compliance and Capital Market to guide our team towards creating the best client-based investment portfolios, maintaining a strong hold over market trends and developing a keen sense of what will work. He lays stress upon offering quick and effective solutions to every client, while also making them aware of the nuances of the trade in easy-to understand ways.
Mr. Sandip Shah
Armed with a B.E. and over 25 years of experience in the Capital Market, Mr. Sandip Shah believes in building a strong foundation built on the pillars of knowledge, expertise, aspirations and technology. It is for this reason that he highlights the need to understand market trends and to constantly update the company’s working structure, thus providing clients with ease while trading, access to latest updates and assistance with investment decisions.
The Company’s motto is to provide our clients with secure, reliable and flawless investment strategies while helping them to achieve high returns from their portfolio. It is with this aim that we empower our clients with the knowledge of both the advantages and the risks involved in all their transactions. Maintaining a transparent and cordial method of business is of utmost importance to us, and as such, every advice we give, and every suggestion we make, is in favor of the client’s welfare and benefit.