1.  Who can open an account?
Any individual, Hindu undivided family (HUF), proprietary firm, partnership firm, or a company can open an account with Pune eStock Broking Pvt. Ltd.
2.   How do I open an account?
Call our office on : 020 - 41000600 / 635
3.  What is the least amount of margin that I need to pay Pune eStock Broking Pvt. Ltd. to start trading?
You can start trading by placing a minimum margin of Rs.5000/-
4.  What are the different types of orders that can be placed on Pune eStock Broking Pvt. Ltd.?
a) Trade orders- When you sell shares without marking delivery it is treated as a sqaure off order and shall be squared off at 3.10 p.m automatically.
b) Delivery Mark orders- The system will check your demat stock availability and the transaction will go through only if the stock is available in your Demat account.
c) Stop Loss Order-Stop loss order-An order placed, which gets activated only when the market price of the relevant scrip reaches or crosses a threshold price, which is called trigger price. Until then the order does not enter the market but sits with the Exchange.
All the BSE market orders shall be placed at +/- 5% for buy/sell respectively. This is to ascertain the execution of market orders.
5.  What is the procedure for placing Stop Loss Orders
Stop Loss order can be placed while placing a fresh order as well as a square off order.
Basics of Stop Loss Order: - Buy: Market Price < Trigger price < Order Price. (Trigger price entered should be greater than the market price) Sell: Market Price > Trigger price > Order Price. (Trigger price entered should be lesser than the market price)
6.  What does order history option show me?
After confirmation of the order, the system will generate a reference number. You can view the status of all the orders placed through the link of Trade -- Order History. Here you can modify or cancel the order.
In Trade history, you can view all the details of the orders placed.
7.  What is an AM order?
AM order stands for After Market Order. It is a facility extends to its customers whereby they can place orders even after the trading hours of a particular day.
8.  What is the advantage of an AM order?
A. An AM order has the following advantages:
a) It allows the customer to place an order even after the regular trading hours ( 9.55 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. ) during which time he /she might have been busy.
b) Based on the fluctuations in the Market on a particular day and taking into account factors such as the closing price of a particular scrip, recommendations on scrips given by Pune eStock Broking Pvt. Ltd., the customer might want to place an order using AM order which would be executed when the market opens the next day.
9.  Can I fix any price on scrip that I want to place an AM order on?
For particular scrip, An AM order can be placed with a price band of +/-20% of the closing price at the end of the day. Any AM order for scrip that is beyond this price band would not be executed. For example:If the closing price of a scrip X on Monday is 100 Rs., the customer can place an AM order within the price band of Rs.80 to Rs.120.
10. How soon would my account be opened?
Your account will be opened within one week on receipt of your completed application form.
11. What documents would I receive once the account is opened?
You will receive the initial password on your email ID which is registered with us.
12. Will I receive a contract note for my transactions?
Yes, you will receive a digitally signed contract note on your email id registered with us. Please note that digitally signed contract notes are valid documents under the Information Technology Act 2000 and the same are also available online.
13. Is it necessary to open bank accounts with designated banks? What is the advantage of opening an Internet-banking account with your banking partners?
A. Yes. It is necessary that you open a bank account with our designated banks - Axis Bank & Bank of India.
You can transfer funds online and start trading. Further, if we have to make a payment to you, funds can be credited to your bank account directly
14. What if I am an existing account holder with your banking partner?
That's great! You can utilize the same bank account to transact with PeSB. Please mention the account details on the Account Opening form.
15. What if I have an account with a bank other than your banking partners?
Your bank account with any other bank will not be useful to us in your dealing with us. We request that you open a banking account with any one of our banking partners
16. How do I transfer funds from my Bank A/c to my Trading A/c?
17. How soon would my account be opened?