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Invest In The Stock
Market With An Expert

Let experts guide you on stock & ETF investments through premium WealthBasket portfolios.
WealthBasket is a portfolio of Equities, or ETFs, that helps you build low-cost, diversified, long-term as well as short-term portfolios. Each WealthBasket reflects an investment strategy, theme or an idea with underlying stocks, ETFs accordingly weighted following a rigorous research process.


Closely Monitored By Experts

A WealthBasket is always closely monitored by an advisor, a SEBI registered professional who keeps a track of your portfolio.


Research Driven Advice

Each WealthBasket is powered by top quality research and investment strategy, created and managed by qualified SEBI registered professionals.


Suitable For Every Need

Whether you are new to investing, have had a bad experience before or you are an active investor, there is a WealthBasket to suit your every need.


Transparency & Control

WealthBaskets are integrated with your broking account. You can track the stocks real-time in your WealthBaskets. Withdraw partially or fully anytime