Corporate Fixed Deposits Service in Pune

Corporate Fixed Deposits

Our range of fixed income investment offerings cater to a wide range of risk appetites and investment outcomes. Whether you are looking for growth, diversification from stock market risk, capital preservation or income generation, we have a solution for you.

Earn higher yield compared to bank FDs {with higher risk} by investing in deposits offered by reputed companies.

Why Corporate Fixed Deposits?

Boost your returns with Corporate FDs and NCDs

Fixed interest, attractive returns – invest in corporate fixed deposits and non-convertible debentures of high-quality companies.

Why invest in corporate fixed deposit?

  • # Fixed interest
  • # Attractive returns
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Before you Invest

  • Make sure you read the application form carefully
  • Do the background check of the company and its promoters before investing
  • Look at the ratings of the company. A higher rate of interest is often due to high-risk associated with the product
  • Bonds and fixed income products may carry liquidity risk. So invest keeping the tenure in mind.

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