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stock broking company in Pune
Why Choose Us ?

PESB is a veteran broking house, serving content clients since 2007


A dedicated team of experts

Not only does our team study the cold data of the financial markets, but it also delves into understanding your financial needs. And syncs these two factors to help you take befitting financial decisions.


Range of services

To honour the old platitude of not having all your eggs in the same basket, we provide a range of investment avenues to our clients under a single roof; a cohesive online experience.


Trading Tech

Whether you’re an old school trader, who likes to call your broker or a new-age trader who uses your computer or laptop to trade: we have it all.

Online trading Share Brokers in Pune

We strive to understand our clients’ investment needs, and assist in reaching them with state-of-the-art tech.

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Quick, Easy and Secure trading experience.

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PESB Mobile trading app


Mobile trading app

Stay up to date with market trends; analyze your scrips; add funds; execute orders on the fly. Wave provides a robust platform on mobile and tablet, which enable a hassle-free trading experience in the palm of your hand.

  • # Consolidated Scrip Overview
  • # Secure Account
  • # Real-Time Charts
  • # Watchlist with Filter
  • # Online IPOs
  • # Quick Order Placement
  • # Price Alerts
  • # Clean and Simple UI
  • # Bracket Order
  • # Smart Search
  • # Preferences
  • # One Screen for Everything
  • # Pay using UPI, Netbanking, or Cheque
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Browser-based trading

Be with the market on the big screen. Log in to PESB Aero -- a reliable browser-based trading service -- to carry out your trading activities onto your PC. Equipped with beautiful charts, customized watch lists, various payment methods, analytical tools, latest news, all on a customizable UI, Wave delivers a pleasing trading experience. Wave is designed in a way that doesn’t over-clog you with information, to do the right amount of research.

Browser-based trading

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